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The following applications allow you to analyze a music file. Some of these tools will analyze the encoding data (bitrate, frequency, compression level, etc.) of those music files, while others will analyze their sound parameters (offering features such as oscilloscopes and FFT frequency analysis functions). They support a large variety of music file formats, including MP3, WAV and WMA.

Music File Analysis download selection is a descendant of our Music File Analyzer by David Wardle customized for you:

  1. RightMark Audio Analyzer
    RightMark Audio Analyzer Download
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    (2 votes)

    RightMark Audio Analyzer tests audio parameters objectively.

    ...parameters objectively with frequency analysis algorithms. It i ...devices. The frequency analysis is done and the...

  2. Similarity
    Similarity Download
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    (6 votes)

    Detects similar and identical audio and image files through deep analysis.

    ...When comparing audio files you cannot rely on ...etc. A deeper analysis of the musical composition will provide you...

  3. Spectrum Analyzer pro Lab
    Spectrum Analyzer pro Lab Download
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    (3 votes)

    It is a spectrum analyzer with many Mp3/Wave tools included.

    ...feature with documented frequency analysis New features: - Leq ...text file - Average files converter to excel files (create...

  4. Overtone Analyzer Premium

    Overtone Analyzer is a software for anyone interested in sound or music.

    ...or music. It can work with multiple files, tabbed file interface ...side comparison of audio files and recordings, best...

Some Music File Analysis downloads, not featured in Music File Analyzer

  1. Audio Tuner
    Audio Tuner Download
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    (5 votes)

    Audio Tuner is a freeware chromatic instrument tuner.

    ...guitars, ukuleles, pianos, and any other musical instrument you'd care to name.

  2. Adobe Audition
    Adobe Audition Download
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    (569 votes)

    Adobe Audition CS5.5 is for recording, mixing, and sound restoration.

    ...powerful analysis and healing tools. Edit audio files with ...Create soundscapes, SFX, and music beds with royalty-free...

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